Sons of Thunder Membership

The Process

In order to become one of the Sons of Thunder, the applicant must have attended functions and spent quality time with the Brothers for at least 60 days prior to the Interview and Approval. To begin the process you will apply here online under the Application tab. Each prospective member must have at least three existing member referrals over 60 days to obtain Club Membership. The application for Membership will be reviewed and approved through the interview process performed at that time by the Chapter Leadership.  In addition, applicants must have a 600 cc bike or larger.  In keeping with the hardware necessary to enjoy riding with the club, the minimum displacement must be met before being considered as a Rounder.  A preferred bike is one with agility, quality, reliability, weight and reputation as being one of the best motorcycles on the road.  But always, it's the Biker, not the bike, that ultimately counts.

The Sons of Thunder maintains four levels of Membership as described below:

1) Rounder - The Rounder level is the beginning of the process to become a full member. A Rounder is investigating Club Membership and taking time to know other Sons of Thunder by hanging around for various events and club rides.  Membership is pending the Interview and approval process after 60 days participation period.  Rounder will not wear any patch during this period. Click here to fill out application.   

2) Member - The biker must agree to adhere to all aspects of the membership Code of Conduct and Biker Creed as described.  He must attend monthly meetings and club functions as outlined by Membership Guidelines.  Once approved he will wear the SOT patches on his vest.  Member dues are $30 per month.  

3) Honorary Member - Honorary members are non-riding persons who support our Purpose and Mission.  Honorary Members will be able to purchase SOT Tee Shirts and other merchandise (excluding patches).  100% of your donations earmarked for our Mission.  We welcome Honorary Members who believe in and wish to support the important work of Sons of Thunder.  Click here to fill out application.   

4) Son's Angels - These are women or wives of the Sons of Thunder Members, and ladies who ride with the Sons to participate in club activities and rides. This special Membership, which sports their own Colors, allows Son's Angels to build relationships within the Club and become a part of the social fabric known as the Sons of Thunder.  Angels are not required to pay dues.  Click here to fill out application.

(*) Supporter - Individuals who support the purpose and mission of the Sons of Thunder.  100% of your donations earmarked for our Mission.  

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