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From The President Gerald Cantrell


        This National Organization has a proven history of commitment to the Advocacy of Community Issues and helping people in all walks of life. Our Mission does not begin and end each year with one major event. Our Members are active year round supporting the Community, other riders, and promoting the awareness and education of the community needs. In addition, we  work towards resolving Community Issues at hand. We support efforts leading to improvement in our community. Our strongest allegiance and loyalty is to our Brothers who ride the highways and byways with us daily.


Our Members believe in the Ideals and Vision we embrace, and therefore eagerly donate their time to support the Cause for which we endeavor. Their devotion and generosity to our Community and other local communities continue throughout the year. It is with my deepest gratitude and honor that I serve as President of the Sons Of Thunder.  The Sons of Thunder introduce our Executive Board Members listed below.


Executive Officers


     President: Gerald Cantrell

        Executive VP: Brent Shira

VP of Chaplains: Steve Dunham

              Treasurer: Roger Collins

                Secretary: Daryl Dickey

Master Sgt. at Arms: John Cantrell

President Emeritus: Ken Stiles


Board Of Directors


       Chairman: Dwight Rice

Vice Chairman: Joe Lewis

Director: Tish Cantrell

                Director: Lee Tarbox

                Director: Gerald Cantrell

                Director: Marshall Ford


General Information
All Members of the Executive Board, (Officers and the Board of Directors) as well as the General Membership donate their time and efforts because they believe in the cause for which we stand. They perform their duties in good faith, in the best interest of the corporation and in keeping with the Mission of the Sons Of Thunder.  Herein contains information on the Executive Board and the Board of Directors as identified in the Constitution and By-laws of the Sons of Thunder as Revised: 03/2017.


Executive Officers

The Executive Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, VP Chaplains and Master Sgt at Arms) are responsible for the general supervision and daily operation of the affairs of the Chapter. The Executive Board shall have full power and authority over this operation except in matters that the Executive Officers believe should be referred to the Chapter Board of Directors. They will perform their duties in the best interest of the Chapter in compliance with the Sons Of Thunder Constitution and Bylaws.  All Executive Board officers and Directors are required to pay Member dues.  

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors (Chairman, Board Members) make Executive Decisions on the organizations financial and official structure and other decisions as referred by the Executive Officers in the best interest of the organization.

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