Code of Conduct

An important and defining document for the Sons of Thunderis the CODE OF CONDUCT since it outlines the obligations and responsibilities of Members and Officers, Riding Rules, and the Disciplinary Process. It is not designed to cover all specific circumstances. Rather, it serves to articulate the basics and Essence of Acceptable Conduct expected of all future and current Sons of Thunder Members, and their behavior in terms of public image, safety, and most importantly, Brotherhood.


Common Sense and Logic Rule!

Concern and Respect

for Fellow Members and the Club Prevail at all Times.


Obligations of Members are applicable to Officers, Committee Chairmen, Sergeants at Arms and other elected or appointed officials. It is expected elected and appointed office holders will lead by example and perform their duties in a fair, unbiased, responsive manner. Any abuse of authority will be investigated by the Executive Board and could result in Disciplinary Action.


ATTENDANCE: Members are expected to support the Club, the Clubhouse, and official Club activities. Attendance at Monthly Member Meetings are mandatory as well as certain rides. In the event a member cannot attend a mandatory activity or ride, advance notice must be submitted.

BEHAVIOR: Members should insure their behavior is at all times in keeping with the privilege of belonging to the Sons of Thunder MM. Actions deemed by the Executive Board to have a negative impact on the Club will be grounds for sanctions.

COLORS: Colors should be worn with pride and treated with respect. Members are encouraged to wear Colors whenever on the road to increases awareness of the Club; however, Colors are mandatory for all official rides and functions. Failure to wear Colors for any official functions will result in possible Sanctions.

    Biker Creed and Code Discipline

Conflicts or problems between Club Members are best resolved directly, or through an intermediary. It is understood all efforts to resolve any conflicts at this level will have been exerted prior to lodging a formal complaint.

The Process

1.  Any member in good standing has the right to file a formal complaint to the Executive Board concerning the actions of a fellow member. Complaints will be handled in a confidential manner to insure fairness and transparency in the process.

2. The Officers of the Executive Board will evaluate the complaint and initiate an appropriate investigation. This will include an opportunity for all parties to explain their side.

3. Upon completion of the investigation, the findings will be presented to the Executive Board and a meeting will be scheduled which will include the Executive Board, and all concerned parties. The purpose of this meeting is to give each concerned party ample opportunity to present their side of the issue to the Executive Board, and in the presence of others involved in the issue.

4. The Executive Board will consider all findings from the investigation, review the meeting testimony, and determine a resolution in the case along with appropriate sanctions, if applicable.

5. It is mandated that all Members accept the authority of the Executive Board to resolve issues, and that the Executive Board will do so in fairness and justice maintaining as paramount the best interests of the Club and its Members. Therefore, all decisions and sanctions emanating from the Disciplinary Process are deemed appropriate, immediately effective, and not subject to appeal.

The Offenses

These can range from minor to serious and are simply a matter of common sense. Minor offenses might include leaving Colors unattended, missing an important Club function without advance apologies, etc. Serious offenses include criminal involvement, carrying a gun illegally, unprovoked acts of physical violence, violating riding guidelines, etc. It is not possible to list all types of offenses here. However, the premise is an inappropriate act by a member that can bring disgrace and public discredit to the entire Club and its Members. These violations will be dealt with based on Club Policy and Sanctions. 

Common Sense is the Rule.

Watch out for yourself; watch out for your Brothers; refrain from behavior which would damage the reputation or cause harm to the Sons of Thunder, yourself, or your Brothers.

The Sanctions

These can range from verbal warning, written warning, suspension and in extreme cases, permanent expulsion from the Club. However, it is assured that the Executive Board will exercise extreme prudence to insure sanctions are appropriate for the Committed Offenses.

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