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The Day of the Ugly

  • 04 Oct 2015
  • 9:30 AM
  • The Vine 5229 Kelly Elliot Rd. Arlington TX 76017 then ride to The Rocket in Waxahachie after church


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            The Day Of The Ugly

Bring your best biker look!

Date:  Oct. 4

We are continuing our tradition this year with the Event called The Day of the Ugly.   We have been invited to their church service in full leathers and Colors. 

The Sons of Thunder have been invited specifically to illustrate that Brotherhood (Unity) can survive in the midst of Diversity.

As is our custom, The Day of the Ugly will not be a set day each year, but a special event day or days to commemorate the idea that Ugly, like Beauty, is in the eye of the Beholder. So much of the time people have a prejudice against other people that don’t look or act like themselves. People who have different interests and lifestyles, Bikers being one of many such groups of people. In days past it was people of a different race, religion, or skin color. Today is just someone who is different. The Scripture never said, "God so loved the beautiful, the talented, and the successful, but the World ... period!  With all of its diversity, division, and differences, God so loved. This biker group that we choose to associate with may be one of these groups in the eyes of many people - Ugly. Never apologize for being a biker, for loving motorcycles, or standing shoulder to shoulder with your Brothers, especially your Christian Brothers.

Remember this and never forget it,

"You have never looked into the eyes of a person that God doesn't love"....

      Be There whether you are Ugly or Not!!

Your President,


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