Message from Our President

 We are a serious group of men. We have a purpose and we have a mission.  At the same time we enjoy every moment we have, on the road and off, with our brothers and the women in our lives.

 We look for men and women to join with us to advance our purpose and our mission. We intend to make a difference for the Kingdom and for the nations and communities we live in.

 We respect our brothers in the motorcycle community. We are out to bridge gaps, make friends and foster peace and brotherhood among fellow riders.

 We respect the laws and customs of our lands and we respect those charged with upholding them.

 We love to ride with the wind in our faces, a rumble in our hearts, and a peace that passes all understanding.

The Road is our Destiny


We are the Son's of Earthly Fathers by Birth, 

Sons of Thunder by Choice. 


Gerald Cantrell, President


   We don't ride to decide how we will die,
   we ride to define how we will live!

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