On the international front, to garner resources to train, equip & advise Christian Militias to defend themselves against attack: 

  • Partner with Sons of Liberty International and other groups to deliver resources directly to intended recipients.
  • Help implement the  SOLI model to prevent profit seekers from exploiting conflict. 

Reference Scripture: Daniel Chapter 11:32-35


On the domestic front, to partner with ACT for America, Clarion Project,  and other organizations to expose and counter the Muslim Brotherhood plan to take America down from within. *

To engage in and support responsible National Security issues.  See links to organizations we interact with.  


Each chapter will select its own missions depending on the needs of their communities.  

* Please be advised, we are not a "hate" group.  We do not put all Muslims in the same category.  We have Muslim friends who are kind, generous, hospitable and respectful of other viewpoints.  These people are our allies in opposing groups whose hearts are filled with hate and whose minds  are bent on domination.  

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